Cacth a bus to Opotiki with nakedbus, where you can take go for jet boats, fishing, tramping, bushland, beautiful beaches and most importantly a leisurely pace of life.

You could go on a Kiwi Adventure Tour or a Motu Adventure tour, who will take you to all the wonderful sights of Opotiki. Alternatively, you could take a Kayak River Trip up the Waioweka Gorge, to explore Opotiki from a water perspective, with natural beauty. If you would like a Historical and Maori guided tour of Opotiki, Guided Maori Historical and Scenic Walks is where you would need to go to. Central Helicopters can take you for a scenic and sightseeing tour from the air.

If you are a fishing fanatic, or just a beginner, there are numerous fishing trips to choose from, A 10 Fishing Trips, Marqueta Fishing Charters, and Opotiki Fishing Adventures are all great fishing adventures to embark on.

For the more adventurous, Motu River Jetboat Tours is where you can experience Opotiki from yet another angle, jetting all over the place.

nakedbus can take you by bus to Opotiki, from just $1; New Zealand’s lowest cost city to city bus service.


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