nakedbus will take you to Tauranga, which is a place of adventure where you can see and swim with the dolphins on a Dolphin Seafari or go sea-kayaking along the coast of the Bay of Plenty with Oceanix Sea Kayaking or even go on game fishing charters.

For those of you who appreciate fine alcohol a Tauranga Tasting Tour would be perfect for you. It involves beer tasting at Brewers Bar, and it then moves to wine tasting at Morton Estate Winery and Mills Reef Winery. For liqueurs, Schnapps and fruit brandies you will visit the Prenzel Distillery who will then treat you to a cocktail tasting and see the leading cocktail maker in action, finished off with dessert and coffee. What more could you ask for?

Visit the Living Art Sanctuary Wildlife Park where there are over 600 animals, birds and reptiles, which you can have a hands-on petting experience or walk through the park where the tame animals join you.

Catch a bus to Tauranga with nakedbus, and if you get there from just $1 with New Zealand’s lowest cost city to city bus service, you can afford to spend large on the amazing activities on offer in Tauranga.



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