Catch a bus to Tirau with nakedbus, it is a great destination for tourists or for those passing through, it is in South Waikato and nakedbus will take you there from $1.

It has a wide variety of very unique shops ranging from antiques, arts, crafts, furniture, clocks, wines, jewellery, saddlery, ice-cream, gifts and collectables. There are fantastic cafe’s and restaurants on offer too.

At the Northern end of Tirau there are the unmissable iconic ?Big Dog? and ?Big Sheep?. The Big Dog is the information centre with fantastic decorated walls and a lead light window. The Big Sheep is a wool gallery with a wide variety of wool products on offer.

The Castle has a doll museum and toy display. There is a tearoom and a Royal Albert Plate collection. This is a definite must see while you are in Tirau. The museum of early New Zealand is 3.5km outside of Tirau and also boasts a great Honey shop with a large variety of honey products available for purchase.

For those that are into trails and walkways, there are two that you can choose from in Tirau. The Waikato River Trail which runs from Arapuni Dam to Jones landing, which is 3km long and offers plenty of views. This walk takes around 1 hour 20 minutes each way, accounting for the time spent in awe of the views and scenery. The second is the Te Waihou Walkway which is a great river walk and is 4.7km long. It is known internationally for it?s Blue Spring. The walk takes approximately 3 hours return and is about 5km away from Tirau.

For everything from a Big Dog and Sheep to spectacular views and toy museums, Tirau is the place for it. nakedbus makes your traveling easy, from just $1.


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